My jet lag has lasted a month

This is a wholly good thing, because of the following reasons: I love mornings enough as it is, and my body waking up at 6/7am is just nice because I get an early start. It makes me go to bed early (also with the help of daylight savings, 8pm feels like 11pm). It keeps me […]

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Updates and Uncertainty

Hey you guys, it’s me, Tori- and I am so tired. For the past eight weeks I’ve been running around- looking absolutely crazy trying to get ready for this move, and I am so tired. My headaches are constant, I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of sleep, my appetite has been non-existent, and I’ve cried a lot […]

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One Month

One month from today, I’m out of here.    Only thirty days? This isn’t real. Something that I’ve been trying to do lately, is savor the time I have left in Texas. I’m trying to spend time with family, make trips to see friends, and obviously get good grades in the three classes that I have to take in […]

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