101 Things in 1001 Days


Less than a year ago, one of my closest friends made a list of 101 things she wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. I finally gathered up my courage and thought about things that I want to accomplish, myself, and this is what I came up with.

I’ll be updating this list monthly, and adding a new bit into my blog posts, where I talk about what I’ve accomplished on my list.

2016 is still fresh! Make your own! You have 1001 days 🙂

START: January 28th, 2016

FINISH: October 25th, 2018


1. Find a church home
2. Get in a bible study (Younglife Bible Study with Kelly Coleman! (September 2016))
3. Volunteer to help with a youth program at a church
4. Read each book in the New Testament
5. Read each book in the Old Testament
6. Go on a mission trip
7. Read 3 books on other religions

Family & Friends:

8. Make someone I love breakfast in bed (October 2016)
9. Send someone flowers
10. Give five ‘just because’ gifts
11. Surprise my roommates with dinner
12. Spend time with Trent in Houston (February, 2017)
13. Spend my off-time at Camp Allen with a staffer/counselor (Emily, June 2016)
14.Make a trip home to see my mama(May, 2017)
15. Attend a friend’s wedding (Holly Warwick -> Holly WOOD April 2016)
16. Take a one-on-one trip with my mom
17. Take someone out to lunch in Tomball (Haley, January 2017)
18. Have a girl’s night at my apartment  (The Bachelor, January 2017)
19. Go see Dad and Debbie in Charleston


20. Learn how to play the mandolin
21. Write 8 new songs before the summer of 2017 starts (June, 2017)
22. Record a new album
23. Do a collaboration with another artist (David, January 2017)
24. Learn a new worship song to bring to camp(April 2016)
25. Master bar chords
26. Purchase a keyboard
27. Co-Write a song with another songwriter
28. Perform at an open mic night
29. Open for a band/artist(Bri Bagwell, April 2016)
30. Meet a songwriter I admire(Ben Rector, October 2015)
31. Meet The Maine
32. Participate in some kind of convention


33. Read the entire Harry Potter series (4/8)
34. Get a bookshelf for my bedroom
35. Write a blog post every month for a year
36. Paint something  (January 2017, started watercoloring 🙂 )
37. Downsize my make up collection
38. Super-organize my closet
39. Get my nose re-pierced (February 2016)
40. Build a piece of furniture for my apartment/house/where I’m living by myself
41. Spend 2 weeks Netflix free
42. Read a book every month for a year
43. Host a dinner party
44. Film a Youtube video every month for a year
45. Re-watch all of Friends
46. Feature someone I love on my blog
47. Journal every day for a month
48. Reorganize everything on my laptop
49. Learn how to cook 10 new meals
50. Compete in something
51. Get a part-time job in Corpus(January 2017)
52. Fill up my coin jar, and put it into savings
53. Start horseback riding (January 2016)
54. Get back into horseback riding(February, 2017)
55. Write 10 thank you notes (6/10)
56. Have a picnic
57. Make business cards
58. Apply for a credit card(January 2016)
59. Find my signature drink  (Moscow Mule, October 2016)
60. Get a grown up job (lol)


61. Make an exercise routine and stick with it for at least two months
62. Run a 5k
63. Drink only water for 2 weeks
64. Try pilates
65. Try cycling
66. Complete a 30-day yoga challenge
67. Get a membership at a yoga studio
68. Give up chocolate milk for a month (Kill me)(March-April 2016)
69. Run 2-4 miles 3 days a week for 3 weeks
70. Go a month without take-out or fast food
71. Get a work out buddy(Thanks Bre, May, 2017)
72. Take a weird work out class

In Corpus Christi (or close, idk, maybe just in Texas):

73. Try 10 new restaurants
74. Visit South Padre (in a very safe manner)
75. Visit Big Bend
76. Attend an event put on by TAMU-CC
77. Go to the Art Walk(March 2017)
78. Perform at the Art Walk(March 2017)
79. Find the best margarita in Corpus
80. Drive to Port Aransas to go to the beach
81. Ride a horse on the beach (January 2017)
82. Go a farmer’s market (and get something)
83. Go thrift shopping
84. Watch the sunrise on the bay
85. Watch the sunset on the beach
86. Find a coffee shop that I can do work at (Eleanor’s, November 2016)
87. Have my camp friends visit, and take them to the beach!!! (April, 2017)
88. Find 5 places to play shows (Scuttlebutt’s, Coffee Waves, Holiday Inn, 3/5)


89. Camp at Yellowstone National Park
90. Go back to London
91. Visit Ireland
92. Take a road trip on my way back to Texas(March 2016)
93. Visit over half the states (12/50 Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas)
94. See the Grand Canyon (March 2016)
95. Go to Las Vegas (and visit Court)
96. Visit 5 National Parks (1/5, Rocky Mountain National Park- August 2016)
97. Go to Sea World
98. Travel to a new country
99. Take someone I love to visit my Dad and Step Mom (July 2016)


100. Save $5 for every completed task
101. Inspire someone to make their own list of 101 things


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